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Donald Trump has worked tirelessly to increase the military budget. The president has also moved to have Boeing supply more F15s and F15X Strike Eagles.

"Proposed as a near-term fix to fill the gap between older, F-15 Strike Eagle planes and the next- generation F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the F-15X boasts a new suite of sensors, weapons and communications technology." - Donald Trump News Washington Times June 3, 2019

"Recently I have been attacked in the media because of my views, actions, and votes on foreign policy issues," Sanders said. "So let me be as clear as I can be. Yes, as a young man, along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and others, I marched against the war in Vietnam... As a member of the House of Representatives, I helped lead the opposition to the war in Iraq... As a member of the Senate recently, I am proud to have been the lead sponsor on a resolution that, for the first time in 45 years, utilized the War Powers Act to get a majority vote in the House and the Senate to get the United States out of the horrific Saudi-led intervention in Yemen... And finally, right now, this minute, I am doing everything that I can, working, by the way, with some honest conservatives in the Senate, to prevent Donald Trump and John Bolton from taking us into a war in Iran."- Bernie Sanders stump speech May 26, 2019

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