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American Flag

Donald Trump's MAGA is along side the US Flag in the consciousness of Republican Americans. The flag is a symbol of unity, particularly poignant on July 4th.

"Today, we come together as one nation with this very special Salute to America," Trump said. "We celebrate our history, our people, and the heroes who proudly defend our flag — the brave men and women of the United States military." - Donald Trump News Lincoln Memorial July 4, 2019 In 1989, Joe Biden worked in congress to make it illegal to burn the US flag. Seeing the flag as symbolism, Biden sees nothing absolute in free speech, ie shouting fire in a movie theater. Further in interviews equating burning the flag to burning down your house.

Native American Anger

Native Americans see immigration, a major political matter, in different ways than Donald Trump does. While indigenous tribes have only a small voice in domestic policy, their voices carry weight on the topic.
"There is no moral high ground from which President Trump or any of his followers can tell anyone to leave this country, because they are not the first inhabitants of this land." - Discussing Trump in the news, Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) “We have to stop letting these guys use the divisions that exist in the country as charlatans always do to divide the country,” Joe Biden said at Monday’s event. “We have a guy in the White House who has turned that into an art form.”

“Our policies discriminate against and devalue black people, Native Americans, people of color, women and LGBTQ people,” he said.

Racial Abstract

Racial division is climbing year after year during Donald Trump's presidency. While Republicans often deny any correlation with Trump, the Democrats lay the blame at his feet.
In the Detroit suburb of Novi, where Democrat Hillary Clinton narrowly beat Trump in 2016, pet store worker Emily West says she probably would have cast her ballot for Trump if she had voted in 2016. Now, she’s primed to vote against him.  “It was mainly when he got into office when my opinion started changing,” said West, 26. “Just the way he treats people.” AP Trump News Story AP News July 30, 2019 "Trump's lies and racism never end," said Bernie Sanders. "While I have been fighting to lift the people of Baltimore and elsewhere out of poverty with good paying jobs, housing, and healthcare, he has been attacking workers and the poor." Bernie Sanders quote July 29, 2019

F15 Eagle News

Donald Trump has worked tirelessly to increase the military budget. The president has also moved to have Boeing supply more F15s and F15X Strike Eagles.

"Proposed as a near-term fix to fill the gap between older, F-15 Strike Eagle planes and the next- generation F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the F-15X boasts a new suite of sensors, weapons and communications technology." - Donald Trump News Washington Times June 3, 2019
"Recently I have been attacked in the media because of my views, actions, and votes on foreign policy issues," Sanders said. "So let me be as clear as I can be. Yes, as a young man, along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and others, I marched against the war in Vietnam... As a member of the House of Representatives, I helped lead the opposition to the war in Iraq... As a member of the Senate recently, I am proud to have been the lead sponsor on a resolution that, for the first time in 45 years, utilized the War Powers Act to get a ma…

Fetus Trump Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump is greatly restricting access to abortion across the country. Rules involving Title X are being enforced. More religious people are supporting the president in efforts to overturn Roe v Wade.
"Taxpayer-funded family planning clinics must stop referring women for abortions immediately, the Trump administration said Monday, declaring it will begin enforcing a new regulation hailed by religious conservatives and denounced by medical organizations and women’s rights groups." - AP News - Donald Trump News July 15, 2019Bernie Sanders has long fought for low income women to have access to abortion procedures. Supporting bills in congress that would codify abortion rights, Sanders has a long track record on this topic.

Donald Trump News

Donald Trump's budgets incorporate larger increases in military spending. Ford Class Super Aircraft Carriers, and the debate over a steam catapult, are features of Trump's military preparedness.

He said the United States “reserves [the] right to defend our personnel, our facilities, and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn Iran’s attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce.” - Donald Trump News CNBC July 18, 2019
In March 2018, former Vice President Joe Biden accepted the Naval Academy Alumni Association's Distinguished Graduate Award on behalf of U.S. Sen. John McCain, calling the six-term Arizona senator an American hero.

Grand Canyon

Donald Trump in 2019 signed into law a new very large conservation law. The law establishes five new parks and monuments. Extends significantly several other parks. The Parks Service budget has been cut this year. Two extremely large Obama and Clinton era monuments in Utah were limited by Trump. He cited overreach by the two prior presidents as the reason.

"The U.S. Geological Survey is leading a 15-year study meant to determine whether a 1 million-acre area surrounding the national park needs protection from new uranium mining claims well into the future. Now, no one can stake claims until 2032, though a portion of that Obama-era ban is under review by the Trump administration." - Trump Admin in the news - Denver Post March 8, 2018 The Global Climate Protection Act was introduced by Joe Biden to the Senate in 1986. Working across the aisle, the act was passed and signed into law by then President Ronald Reagan. This became the first major piece of federal legislation to com…

Air Force

Donald Trump News v Joe Biden

Donald Trump is exercising America's military might around the world. The US Air Fore is a corner stone in our defenses. With a fantastic ability to project power, the US Air Force is second to none.

"You are the ones who will invent and define the next generation of air warfare," Trump said to the class of nearly 1,000 cadets who earned the rank of second lieutenant. "You'll win so much you're gonna get tired of winning," Trump ad-libbed. - Donald Trump in the News addressing graduating Air Force Cadets during his commencement speech, May 30, 2019
Joe Biden is known for greater measures of diplomacy, while championing the US military. Biden is hardly considered a dove for peace, but his positions carry less risk to American military members.

War Iran

Trump is prepared to enter into a conflict with Iran. Negotiations are on again off again, with nothing resolved. Trust is completely lost on both sides. America may have to go to war with Iran.

"Iran doesn’t know where they are ... they are a very mixed up country," Trump said at the White House. "Their country is in turmoil. ... Whatever it is, I’m just going to sit back and watch."

He added, "We're ready for the absolute worst."

Trump in the news, USA Today July 24, 2019Bernie Sanders belief is in bring back Obama's agreement with Iran. Then, as the greatest power on earth, have negotiations to reduce tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran within the region. Stabilizing the Middle East, while maintaining a greater degree of peace.